A good SF store recommendation

I just simply love Ghirardelli Chocolate Square-- the great chocolate, the beautiful view, and some nice shops. Today I wanna recommend a shop in the chocolate square-- the Vom Fass.

They carry a lot of oils, vinegars, spices and gifts. Personally I love their vinegars most, and I always use them as a simple, healthy and hearty salad dressing. They also have some great quality aged balsamic vinegar, and to my surprise, my cousin, who studies in German now, said that this store is one of her favorite in German when I showed her the pictures! (Guess we two always have something in common hahah)

I love their packing too, it can be a really good gift to the people who really love food. The owner is a nice and pretty French lady, she also offered us a gift as we purchased 3 bottles of vinegars hah! Simply a hidden treasure of San Francisco.

IMG_1382 IMG_1379 IMG_1378 IMG_1374

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