Lets pick up some Tomatoes


To me, Tomato is one of the most quintessential food in my diet. I was born in Tianjin, I grew up with Chinese dishes like Tomato and egg, Tomato and cauliflower. In summer time, my grandma always make tomato salad; ripe beef tomato topped with sugar. When I moved to other countries I always fell in love with simple tomato dishes. I could dip anything in a hearty marinara sauce,baked beans in tomato sauce, and many more. I even fux wit reconstructed tomato juice like V8. ( When I realized that organic grocery stores dont stack up V8 in their aisle. I know V8 aint that healthy). Summer is the perfect time to pick up ripe tomatoes in your local grocery. Pick up your favorite varieties of tomatoes, beef tomato, grape tomato, tomato on the vine, cherry tomato...and lets make a salad tomorrow.

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