Did you guys have fun on Halloween?

Well when I thought back my college time, Halloween was such a huge day for us. We prepared almost one month before Halloween for the costume, the party, the club and so much more. However this year, I was already too lazy to even get a costume. Is it a sign that you've grown old when you lose interest in Halloween? I could not let that happen, so I did some makeup and got some photos taken from Yue Shi (to prove I'm still young). However, after we got back home from the club (which was just 1am...We usually party till 4am in college hahah), we were too tired and slept over 10 hours during the next day. Guess although we are not old, we are just not that young anymore. I do enjoy the moment now tho.


Hope you guys had fun on Halloween too!

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  1. 好福利!

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