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Telling Yue's Food Story 关于悦食记

Written by Yue Zhang

In 2009, I imagined a number of difficulties I might encounter before I first came to US for my undergraduate study, like the language, the school and the social. However, none of these had really bothered me like food. Yes, FOOD. I never cooked before but when facing a lot of food that I could not get used to, I had to learn how to cook during my sophomore year. I made a lot of mistakes and almost ruined the kitchen, but finally made something edible. I send the pictures to my friends and family just to show off that even a kitchen dummy like me could finally feed myself. They were surprised so I kept posting my cooking pictures. After almost five years, to everyone’s surprise, a hobby became a real food blog. And yes, it is an impossible task if I am the only one behind this.

So, the other author and photographer of Yue’s Food Story, is my boyfriend, Yue Shi (yes we have the same first name hah).

In 2012, I supposed to have fun traveling during our spring break. However, my mood was at low ebb because I have so many pressures with my relationship, my life and my coursework. So I decided to stay in the university to give myself a break. Yue stayed to finish his artwork too, so we went out to eat together a lot. One day he asked me if I wanted to grab some home cook for brunch. I definitely went with pleasure and…doubt. It was a sunny day of a warm spring; he made some porridge and Chinese braised beef. To my surprise, they tasted really good. I almost cried when I sat there and ate because I thought of everything I’ve been through at that time.

We had a tacit of not mentioning any of my problems; I just ate, sat on the sofa, while he was working on his artwork. It was so quiet and peaceful. Suddenly I didn’t feel sad any more. There was no sentimental complain or tears at all, all of the problems were solved by the braised beef and the porridge.

That day changed my college life completely. After the spring break, my coursework and my life went so well that I almost cannot believe it. I started to swim and continued to cook; I got higher GPA than any other semester before; my life could not be sweeter.

The whole year after that, Yue always shared recipes with me and cooked with me, he also “stole” recipes from a great chef—his mom. He brought me a lot of dinnerware when he went to interview or travel, even though they were so heavy to carry. I said, thank you for your gifts, but I want to thank you more for your support.

In 2013, another spring break, exactly one year after the braised beef and porridge, we were together as boyfriend and girlfriend. We started to use camera to take pictures of our food instead of iPhone and we started to cook all kinds of cuisines instead of just Chinese food. Then we graduated together, moved to San Francisco with a Penske truck and 2500+ miles driving.

In 2014, we decided to create the food blog, Yue’s Food Story.

I thanked him for editing and helping me with our first recipe book, but just as I said in 2013, thank you for making a wish came true, but I want to thank you more for all of your support.

If I have to give one reason for the birth of Yue’s Food Story, I think is probably that when everybody else (especially guys) said that, “whoever can be your boyfriend is lucky, because he can taste your dish every”, while Yue told me that, “whoever can be your boyfriend is lucky, because he can cook for you every day”. That’s it.

Finally, I would like to thank my boyfriend Yue Shi for assisting with all the aspect of this food blog; I could not have done this without his continuous support. I also would like to thank my parents, for their support, their understanding and compliments on my work, and for their lovely attitude towards their lives.

By 张悦:


2009年我独自一人踏入美国之后,就深刻理解了这句话。在美国的第二年,当饱受乡愁折磨的我第一次系上围裙拿起刀举起铲下厨时, 是无论如何也想不到我竟会就此爱上美食的,更想不到接下来发生的所有事情。

大四那年,跟同样热爱美食的史越在一起了。2013年的夏天,我们开了整整一周的卡车,从东岸搬到了西岸,在旧金山开始我们毕业后的新生活。两个美食爱好者在一起的结果就是,做的美食的数量和质量开始呈直线水平上升。朋友们纷纷表示俩人一起晒美食这事儿不能忍——除非把做法都告诉他们。禁不住大家的央求,2013年冬天开始,发美食图的时候也会用文字简单写写做法分享给大家。大概因为我自己就是从零开始自学,特别能体谅新手的心情,所以食谱写得比较详细, 除了食谱又懒得说什么废话,慢慢竟然有不少人开始喜欢看我的食谱了。2014年的夏天,突然想给自己做个美食总结。

用什么形式总结呢?不如就把写过食谱的图片都整理一下,做成小册子吧。小册子叫什么名字呢?既然我跟史越的名都是Yue, 那就叫Yue's Food Story吧。好像还要有个中文名字?那就直译过来,叫悦食记吧。


接下来的一年,食谱不再是简单的图片与文字描述,而是变成了有过程图、原料和详细Tips的真正教程,悦食记网站的食谱超过了 100个,粉丝数也在不断增长。那时我才发现,美食对于我来说,早已远不止是一个缓解『乡愁』的爱好。在旧金山的两年,我们也受到了加州饮食文化的很多影响。例如烹饪最重要还是优质新鲜的食材,以及烹饪方法应当尽量更健康。在加州也养成健身的习惯, 因此很多菜谱都非常注重营养的搭配。悦食记也从一个纯粹的美食博客,变成一个健康美食与生活博客。

2015的夏天,我自知已经找到内心热爱的事业,于是放弃了在美国的所有, 回到了青岛整修。回国不久,中央一套的《中国味道》节目找到我,希望我去参与录制他们的节目。于是非常荣幸得到了一个跟高手和前辈学习的机会,也让我这个在国外『起家』的外行对中餐有了更多的认识。




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