Yue's Food Story 悦食记

About food, healthy lifestyle, and love.

关于美食,健康生活,与爱。 Yue's Food Story is filled with recipes and tips that are kept short and simple. Every dish is a sustantial meal and a part of our day-to-day living, so most of them are very easy to follow. You can find recipes from Chinese to Thai, from modern American to traditional Mediterranean. Also, with the popularity of American body fitness culture, our recipes have the features of using fresh, low-sodium, and low-fat ingredients, hoping that the healthiness can be an additional benefit of Yue's Food Story.

My hope is that the recipes and stories will offer you the fun of home cooking especially cooking together. Yue's Food Story was not written merely to provide recipes, but developed with deep interests of healthy diet in mind -- and ultimately promoting an interesting and heart-warming lifestyle.